Design and build

architect drawings

Here at GM Building & Property Services Limited, we realise that having work carried out on your home can be very daunting. It can also be very difficult for clients to explain exactly what work they want done to the property or even understand what work they can have done.

Having work done on your property can prove to be very stressful, especially if you have no support or help. Using our Design and Build service will help you to decide on what you need in order to ensure you get what you want. In order to ensure that your requirements are met, the Design and Build service will help you to form a Brief. The Brief will consist of what you require and want from the final design. The Brief will also highlight any client-specific instructions which are then taken into account at the start of the process, ensuring their inclusion. The Brief will then form the Design. The Design and Build service will then produce basic drawings which will highlight the Brief and show layout drawings. This allows the client to see a layout of the proposed new works and how that fits within their present building. Importantly, it also allows them to move things around on a plan and get the best design for them. Using the Design and Build service at an early stage will also help the client to explain their requirements in a plain and simple format. This also helps confirm that the project they want is achievable.

The Design and Build service offers the input of a PRINCE qualified project manager who will walk each client through the process of getting the best out of their home improvement. It also allows for an experienced builder’s input to ensure that the project is feasible. Each stage of the process will be explained and agreed with the client before the next stage begins.

The Design and Build service will also Project Manage the client’s project, from the basic layout and brief through to architectural input, planning permission, building regulations, build quotes and programme. This ensures the very best service for our clients.We guarantee an open and informative approach to all of our clients requirements and look forward to working with you on your next project.

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